The Sentinel EIS specialist approach to portfolio investments is on the merit of each company, with independent specialist due diligence and bespoke monitoring/reporting systems and processes provided by Samphire Partners Limited.


Since the Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) was launched in 1993-94, almost 26,355 individual companies have received investment through the scheme and over £16.2 billion of funds have been raised, with a total £1.88 billion going into EIS firms in 2015/2016. Investors interested in a tax-efficient way to back smaller companies may wish to consider the Sentinel EIS portfolio as an option in order to obtain controlled exposure into this exciting asset class where we can look to offer a diversified EIS investment portfolio. The Government introduced this scheme as a way to encourage private investment into earlier stage companies as an alternative to those listed on the AIM or Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.

Through a combination of what we view as quality investment management experience and a unique insight into the financial advisory landscape, the managed portfolio seeks to create the opportunity for professional investors to take advantage of the EIS framework and its generous incentives offered through the current tax legislation.

The opportunity to invest in the range of growth companies presented through the Sentinel EIS is, we believe, compelling. Sentinel EIS portfolio companies are subject to what we view as rigorous due diligence and specialist scrutiny by both sector specific and financial expertise. In turn this is supported by an effective monitoring framework that is intended to continue throughout the life cycle of the investment opportunity.

Our Vision

At Sentinel we concentrate on establishing trust and mutual respect with investors and investee companies, and aims to help entrepreneur and corporate led companies reach a common goal, namely high growth and good returns. We invest in largely established companies, rather than start-ups. 


We utilise several technological tools to visualise and give on point monitoring information on our companies; these systems and this process allow the entire Sentinel EIS team to easily and accurately stay in touch with the relevant market trends and up to date on investee company data.


Part of the Investment Committee, includes the principals of Citicourt & Co. Limited, who has been providing corporate finance advisory and analysis on and to small and mid cap companies since 1991. As a result of it being able to provide superior services to portfolio companies, Sentinel EIS enjoys truly exceptional deal flow. Samphire has successfully  closed and vested its first managed portfolio with Sentinel EIS. 


Sentinel EIS ensures due diligence on each company is undertaken with great attention to detail. The Sentinel team gets to know investee companies and their management teams, and undertake detailed due diligence whilst leveraging extensive market research and specific sector know-how. We believe this to be a winning formula when selecting successful, high growth companies.

Potential Investee Companies

To apply to Sentinel EIS, please click here and complete a short questionnaire, you will need basic information on your business plan to hand.


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